Pathi Hydropower Plant in Toungoo Tsp inaugurated to hail

(NAY PYI TAW, 3 Jan, 2008)

  • As a gesture of hailing the 60th Anniversary Independence Day, the Pathi Hydropower Plant implemented by Hydropower Generation Enterprise under the Ministry of Electric Power No 1 was held at the plant in Toungoo Township this morning.
  • Speaking on the occasion, Chairman of Bago Division Peace and Development Council Commander of Southern Command Maj-Gen Ko Ko said that Pathi Hydropower Plant was built on Pathi Creek near Ngwetaunglay Village, 10 miles from Toungoo, with the use of water from Pathi Dam. It was completed on 15 February 1997 and opened on 28 February, attended by Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Than Shwe. The Ministry of Electric Power No 1 fulfilled the demand of electricity for the region by implementing the second phase of the project. In accord with the guidance given by Head of State Senior General Than Shwe, the Ministry of Electric Power No 1 supplied power to Thandaunggyi and Thandaungthit of Kayin State through special 33 KV power line. The supply of electricity to Kayin State with the use of the water from Pathi Creek that originated in Kayin State reflected the friendship and amity of the national races.
  • Pathi Dam is supplying irrigation water to 3,000 acres of farmland, and the dam is equipped with the 2-megawatt generator to produce hydropower. Therefore, the dam will become a multi-purpose dam.
  • As Bago Division has prospects of producing hydelpower, Ministry of Electric Power No 1 is implementing hydropower projects in Sittaung Valley in accordance with the guidance of the Head of State.
  • The 20-megawatt capacity Zaungtu Hydro Power Project in Bago Township, the 25-megawatt capacity Yenwe Hydropower Project in Kyauktaga Township and the 2-megawatt capacity Pathi Hydropower Project in Toungoo Township have been completed in Bago Division.
  • Those hydropower projects which are now under construction in Bago Division are the 30-megawatt capacity Khapaung Hydropower Project in Ottwin Township, the 140-megawatt capacity Thaukyekhat-2 Project in Toungoo Township, the 40-megawatt capacity Pyuchaung Hydropower Project in Pyu Township, the 60-megawatt capacity Kunchaung Hydropower Project in Pyu Township and the 75-megawatt Shwekyin Hydropower Project in Nyaunglebin Township. Khabaung Hydropower Project is expected to be inaugurated in the near future. Kunchaung and Thaukyekhat-2 hydropower projects are designed to supply irrigatation water to farmland. The government has spent a huge amount of local currency and foreign currency on the economic and social development of the country.
  • In his address, Minister for Electric Power No 1 Col Zaw Min said that Pathi Hydropower Plant was one of the 13 power plants of Hydropower Generation Enterprise. It was installed with two one-megawatt generators. Hydropower Generation Enterprise has started the construction tasks since December 2006. After conducting test-running of the plant in December 2007, the supply of power launched to meet the electricity demand of the region within a year. It will generate 8 million kwh annually. In accord with the guidance given by Head of State Senior General Than Shwe, electricity generated by the plant is being supplied to Thandaunggyi and Thandaungthit in Kayin State through the special power line. Pathi Hydropower Plant was the 46th facility of its kind in the entire country, and it was the fourth hydropower project in Bago Division and Sittoung valley. On completion, a total of 15 hydropower projects including Pathi Hydropower Plant will generate 10,400 megawatts.
  • Among these 15 projects, efforts are being made for completion of seven projects – 54-megawatt capacity Kengtawng project, 600-megawatt capacity Shweli-1,790-megawatt capacity Yeywa project, 30-megawatt capacity Khabaung project, 60-megawatt Kunchaung project, 40-megawatt capacity Pyuchaung project and 75-megawatt Shwegyin year by year during the period between 2007 to 2010.
  • On behalf of the local people, a local spoke words of thanks. Next, Managing Director U Kyi Tha of Hydropower Generation Enterprise presented commemmorative pennants to Commander Maj-Gen Ko Ko, Minister Maj-Gen Aung Min and Deputy Minister Brig-Gen Win Myint and then formally opened signboard of Pathi Hydropower Plant.
  • They together with officials concerned and members of social organizations posed for a documentary photo. Next, the commander unveiled the stone plaque of Pathi Hydropower Plant. Afterwards, the commander, the ministers, the deputy ministers and heads of departments sprinkled scented water on it.
  • The commander launched the generator No 1 under the automatic control of computer system at the power station. Next, the commander and party inspected the photo records on building the power plant.
  • Also present on the occasion were CEC member of the Union Solidarity and Development Association (Bago Division in-charge) Minister for Rail Transportation Maj-Gen Aung Min, Deputy Minister for Electric Power No 1 U Myo Myint, Deputy Minister for Electric Power No 2 Brig-Gen Win Myint, departmental heads, officials of Pathi Hydropower Project, local authorities and local people.
  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation built Pathi dam in 1997. Under the arrangement of extensive generation of hydropower, the Ministry of Electric Power No 1 built the power Plant at Pathi dam.
  • The dam supplies water to 1,500 acres of summer paddy in Toungoo region. Two-turbine installed at Pathi hydropower Plant will generate 8 million kilowatt hours every year and distribute the power to Thandaung Township of Kayin State and the surplus to Toungoo region.

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