Minister goes on inspection tour of Kengtawng Hydropower Project

(NAY PYI TAW, 17 Jan, 2008 )
  • Minister for Electric Power No 1 Col Zaw Min and party visited Kengtawng Hydropower Project site on Nanhtein creek, 30 miles north east of Mongnai on 13 January.
  • Upon his arrival, the minister looked into progress of construction tasks of Kengtawng Hydropower Project and installation of machines at the power plant and then left necessary instructions.
  • Along with the officials concerned, the minister inspected digging of Tailrace Channel, concrete laying tasks and earth works to build Switch Yard. The following day the minister and party heard reports on project functions presented by officials concerned at the briefing hall. After giving instructions, the minister oversaw laying of pipe lines, progress in building water intake structure and future plans.
  • During the inspections, the minister gave instructions on timely completion of project tasks, supervision and test on quality of construction materials, plans to be laid down for fire fighting drills, measures for minimizing waste and loss, greening tasks, conservation of forests and trees and worksite safety measures.
  • Eighty-six per cent of the whole project has been completed so far. If completed, the 54-megawatt power plant will generate 472 million kilowatt hours.

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