Khabaung Reservoir opened in Ottwin Township

(Nay Pyi Taw, 23 March, 2008)
  • Khabaung Reservoir built by Construction-5 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation was opened in Ottwin Township this morning, with an address by Secretary-1 of the State Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen Thiha Thura Tin Aung Myint Oo.
  • The Secretary-1, accompanied by Chairman of Bago Division Peace and Development Council Commander of Southern Command Maj-Gen Ko Ko, the ministers, the deputy ministers, senior military officers of the Ministry of Defence, the director-general of the State Peace and Development Council Office and officials, arrived at Khabaung Reservoir at 8 am.
  • The opening ceremony was also attended by chairmen and members of division, district and township PDCs, technicians of CHMC and CHNEEC from the People’s Republic of China, members of social organizations and local people.
  • Next, Commander Maj-Gen Ko Ko delivered a speech. He said rainwater is sufficient for cultivation of paddy in Bago Division only in the rainy season. After completion of the reservoir project, the 209th irrigation facility and 45th in Bago Division, summer paddy can be cultivated. The reservoir can generate 120 million kwh, he said.
  • Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation Maj-Gen Htay Oo said there are more job opportunities with the development of agricultural sector. The number of farmers increased from 10.4 million to 22.9 million.
  • He said dams, sluice gates, river water pumping projects and underground water tapping projects are being implemented nationwide.
  • The minister spoke on increase of irrigated acreage, manufacture of farm implements and boosting production of paddy and beans and pulses. He said Myanmar stands a leading country in production of beans and pulses.
  • Next, Minister for Electric Power Col Zaw Min also spoke.
  • Next, the Secretary-1 delivered a speech saying the Head of State gave guidance that Bago Division experienced floods in the rainy season and it was again unable to grow crops in the summer due to scarcity of water. So efforts were to exerted to enable the division to become a region where crops could be cultivated in all seasons by tapping water resources of natural river and creeks in East and West Bago Yoma.
  • The Secretary-1 said Khabaung Reservoir opened today is the multi-purpose project designed to prevent floods in monsoon, to supply irrigation water and clean drinking water in summer and to fulfill the electricity needs if possible.
  • Like Yangon, Ayeyawady, Mandalay, Sagaing and Magway Divisions, Bago Division is populous and it is economically reliable for the country. The government has built a number of dams in both East and West Bago Yoma to make full use of the creeks flowing from the east to the west of Bago Yoma and to prevent silt and floods. As small-scale river-water pumping and embankment projects have been implemented, 1.1 million acres of irrigated land has been extended increasing, up to 2 million acres of land with double cropping, up from 500,000. And there are now 3 million acres of monsoon paddy and over 350,000 million acres of summer paddy.
  • Likewise, acreage of edible oil crops has increased from 0.15 million to about 0.5 million while acreage of beans and pulses has increased from 0.2 million to 1.3 million. As a result, the agricultural sector has improved significantly in terms of value and quantity. These fruitful results are due to the efforts of the local people making use of the good opportunities created by the government.
  • Prior to the Khabaung project, 20-megawatt Zaungtu hydro power station, 25-megawatt Ye Nwe hydro power station and 2-megawatt Pathi hydro power station have already been built. Moreover, 40-megawatt Phyuchaung hydro power project, 60-megawatt Kunchaung hydro power project, 75-megawatt Shwekyin hydro power project and 140-megawatt Thaukyekhat-2 hydro power projects are under way. On completion of those projects, Bago Division will be a division on which the State can rely in the agricultural sector as well as the electric sector.
  • Now is the time when the State is striving for the improvement of all sectors such as politics, economics, social affairs, transport and communications. As infrastructures have been built as many as possible, democratic transition is being carried out step by step. And steps are being taken to hold a national referendum for the approval of the draft constitution.
  • At such a time, all the people are to try to safeguard sovereignty and independence and the right to decide on their internal affairs as there are outside interference and pressures in various forms. As the state constitution is the one drawn to be compatible with the nation’s prevailing conditions, it is the concern of all the national people. Any instigation to disrupt the approval of the constitution will be a long way to introduce democracy for the people allowing the nation to become a follower of some Western nations. So it is necessary for all to prevent it. Again, all the people are to cooperate in successful implementation of the seven-step Road Map and it is the duty of all.
  • In conclusion, the Secretary-1 said he praised the staff at all levels for their contribution to the Khabaung project. He then urged them to maintain durability of Khabaung reservoir and hydro power station and protect the environment. On behalf of the local people, U Than Htaik of Ottwin Township spoke words of thanks.
  • The Secretary-1 cordially greeted the local people who attended the ceremony. The Secretary-1 sprinkled scented water on the stone inscriptions of the reservoir. The commander, Minister Maj-Gen Htay Oo and Minister Col Zaw Min also sprinkled scented water on it and formally opened Khabaung Reservoir. The Secretary-1 and party posed for documentary photo. Next, the Secretary-1 visited the reservoir.
  • Khabaung Reservoir was built on Khabaung Creek, 15 miles west of Ottwin. It was an earth embankment type measuring 200 feet by 920 feet. The dam can irrigate 100,000 acres of farmlands. Khabaung Reservoir is the 209th irrigation facility of its kind in the entire nation and the 45th in Bago Division.
  • A ceremony to launch Khabaung Hydropower Plant was held. The commander and two ministers formally opened the power plant.
  • The Secretary-1 and party posed for documentary photo. The Secretary-1 unveiled the stone inscriptions of the power plant and sprinkled scented water on it. They viewed operating of turbine and generators at the power plant and functions of the radiator and control room.
  • The Secretary-1 presented the flower basket to technicians of CHMC and CNEEC of the People’s Republic China and posed for documentary photo.
  • Next, the Secretary-1 and party visited the site of Khabaung Multi-purpose Reservoir Project. At the briefing hall, Minister Maj-Gen Htay Oo reported to the Secretary-1 on matters related to the reservoir, and Minister Col Zaw Min on facts about the power plant. After hearing the reports, the Secretary-1 gave necessary instructions. Later, the Secretary-1 viewed the tasks of Khabaung Multi-Purpose Reservoir Project and left for Nay Pyi Taw by car.

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