General Thura Shwe Mann inspects Pyuchaung Hydropower Project, Shwegyin Hydropower Project

(NAY PYI TAW, 21 March, 2009)
  • Member of the State Peace and Development Council General Thura Shwe Mann of the Ministry of Defence, accompanied by Maj-Gen Ko Ko and Lt-Gen Khin Zaw of the Ministry of Defence, senior military officers, Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation Maj-Gen Htay Oo, Minister for Progress of Border Areas and National Races and Development Affairs Col Thein Nyunt, Minister for Electric Power No. 1 Col Zaw Min, Minister for Education Dr Chan Nyein, Minister for Information Brig-Gen Kyaw Hsan, Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Brig-Gen Phone Swe, Deputy Minister for Health Dr Mya Oo and officials of the SPDC Office, left Nay Pyi Taw by helicopter at 9 a.m on 19 March and arrived at Pyuchaung Hydro-power Project site on Pyu Creek, 7 miles west of Pyu.
  • The General and party were welcomed by Chairman of Bago Division PDC Commander of Southern Command Brig-Gen Hla Min and officials.
  • At the briefing hall, the Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation reported on the location of Pyuchaung Multi-purpose Dam Project and facts about the project. He reported that Pyuchaung Multi-purpose Dam Project is being implemented to irrigate 100,000 acres of farmlands, to prevent the flooding of farmlands and to generate 40-megawatt hydropower. He said that efforts are being made for timely completion of the preliminary construction works, building of the water diversion tunnel and the spillway. The project has completed by 30 per cent, he added.
  • The minister also reported on timely completion of the structures of the project and 52 per cent completion of the project.
  • After hearing the reports, General Thura Shwe Mann delivered an address. He said that it is important to complete the construction of dams in time by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and the hydropower work by the Ministry of Electric Power No. 1. He said that the earlier completion of projects will benefit the local people sooner. The General urged the officials to implement the multi-purpose project with awareness.
  • Next, the General and party viewed progress of Pyuchaung Hydropower Project from the view point. Next, they looked into tasks of the project in a motorcade.
  • They proceeded to Pyu through the road linking Yangon-Mandalay Expressway and Pyu.
  • At Pyu People’s Hospital (50-bed), the General and party cordially conversed with the eye patients from Kanyutkyin, Nyaung-bintha, Okphyat, Zeyawady, Pyu, Shwe-gyin, Kyaukdata, Toungoo, Ottwin, Pado and Penwegon.
  • At the hospital, the General and party viewed eye tests, eye power examination and medical treatment being provided by Head of Department Professor Dr Tin Win of Yangon University of Medicine-1 and party, for the patients who had received eye surgical operations.
  • Next, the General and party visited the operation theatre where the eye patients were undergoing eye surgery.
  • The eye surgery was performed from 19 March to date. On 19 March, eye test was conducted on over 300 patients; a total of 90 patients were registered to undergo surgery; and eyeglasses were provided to 35 patients.
  • Accompanied by Commander Brig-Gen Hla Min, the General and party proceeded to Shwegyin Hydropower Project near Kyauknaga Village, 6 miles northeast of Shwegyin.
  • Minister Col Zaw Min reported on the location and facts about the project. He reported that the project is being implemented to generate 75 megawatts. He continued to say that the 3,610 feet long and 185 feet highzone type embankment is being built on Shwegyin Creek. The reserve spillway and the ground embankment have been completed cent per cent, he said. The diversion conduit, the main dam, the main spillway, the water intake structure, the pen stock and the power plant are under construction, he added. The minister said that the whole project has completed 77.5 per cent. He reported in detail on arrangements being made for timely completion of the project.
  • After hearing the reports, the General gave instruction, saying that Shwegyin Hydropower Project among Sittoung Basin projects is one of the important major projects of the nation. He pointed out that it is necessary to pay attention to completion of the project as scheduled. The General called for timely completion of the tasks to supply electricity from the power plant to the consumers.
  • Next, the General and party looked into progress of the project from the view point. They viewed the scale model of the project site. Minister Col Zaw Min briefed the General on location of the buildings for generating of electricity.

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