Saidin, Thahtay hydropower projects to supply more electricity to Rakhine State

(NAY PYI TAW, 18 March, 2010)

  • At Saidin hydropower project in Buthidaung Township in the state, the Prime Minister fulfilled the transport, education and health requirements of the locals.
  • Minister for Electric Power No. 1 Col Zaw Min presented a report, saying that efforts to harness the waterfall failed during the past successive eras because of certain reasons. U Aung Zaw Naing of Anagutswanah Co Ltd explained geological, weather and land survey.
  • The Prime Minister and party inspected the project from the observation deck.
  • KTA company compiled the final feasibility study report in 1956. But the project could not be implemented due to the existence of insurgents that made the area unsafe.
  • It has become a medium- size hydropower plant project only at the time of Tatmadaw government. It will generate an average of 220 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually.
  • The project will provide additional power to all the towns in Rakhine State in addition to supplying electricity to ten northern towns of the region.
  • Next, the Prime Minister inspected Thahtay Hydropower Project. The Minister for Electric Power No. 1 reported on the aim and location of the dam, construction of the main dam, diversion tunnel, spillway, intake structure and sluice gate, strength of the machinery, and workforce.
  • In response, the Prime Minister attended to the needs, and viewed the worksite.
  • The zone-type project is being implemented by damming the Thahtay Creek, about 12 miles northeast of Thandwe.
  • With a 2028 feet long and 298 feet high embankment, the dam has two diversion tunnels. On completion, the plant with a generation capacity of 111 megawatts will be able to produce 386 million kilowatt hours a year.
  • So far, the project has been completed by 20.24 per cent. On completion, the project will be able to satisfy the electricity demand of the whole southern part of Rakhine State.

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